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Until Twitter, I’ll admit that I really did not understand the concept of Social Media (SM).

While the rest of the world was making “Friends” on Facebook (FB), I looked on with disdain.  It annoyed me that even though the very foundation of FB was built on lies and deception, that people all over the world were signing up.  Since FB’s inception was based on thievery, I have detested FB and refused to become a member.  Truthfully, until I signed onto Twitter, I regarded pretty much all SM as a ridiculous waste of time.  I saw its relevance for teenagers and wannabe’s, but could not imagine that any persons of quality would want to participate.

Let’s face it, SM is a far cry from the usual avenues of social and professional introduction.  I’m still relatively young, but I come from the place of actually sharing common friends and acquaintances as the basis of new relationships.   In fact, I have worked diligently to protect myself from “strangers”, always having unpublished phone numbers and a Post Office box rather than mail delivered to my residence.  All of this has been to zealously guard my privacy and to a large result, it is reflective of being stalked multiple times.

The Witch Hunt launched in March of this year against Charlie Sheen is why I landed on Twitter.  As an American and a screenwriter, I am acutely aware of how slippery the slope is when you start monitoring a citizen’s right to Freedom of Speech.  Hence, my request that you “hit” The Censorship Research Center’s button on this blog, so that Word Press will make a donation to them in my name.  The character assassination against Mr. Sheen outraged me.  Here is a long-established and highly respected actor, who just because he was frustrated and made what were — admittedly — politically incorrect, and albeit in very poor taste, comments, became the victim of a 21st Century tar and feathering.  When the attacks on his character became more personal and frankly outrageous, I felt compelled to defend a fellow citizen and artist.  My intention was to post a couple of comments on Twitter and be done with it.   Had I been given a choice, I would not have signed up an account, but would have preferred to post anonymous tweets.  That not being an option, I opened an account and thought to myself: okay, now that I’m here, how will I present myself in order to draw the biggest demographic possible?

Intuitively, it seemed obvious to me that the best Profile name would be something that would stand out in the vast world that is Twitter and also provide potential peeps with a bird’s-eye view of who I am as a person.  So, I chose @Fey1IsleofSkye as my Profile address and announced myself as “The Fey Queen”.  I chose Edward Robert Hughes‘ iconic portrayal of the faerie Queendom in his painting “Midsummer’s Eve” as my avatar.  Look for another blog elaborating on these choices in the future.  Suffice it to say for now that they resonate with my private self.

Like many peeps, my first few hours on Twitter were largely spent learning the lay of the land, so to speak.  Given my background and interests, I naturally gravitated towards Following folks already on my radar, such as friends.  As I was surveying the terrain, I began to notice something that startled me…there were some pretty impressive and interesting people on the site.  They were talking — openly — about important issues, trends as well as their personal lives.  As a writer, and therefore observer, this was  fascinating and…exciting.  Thus, began my obsession with Twitter.  This social platform became my Alter Ego of the 21st Century.  Twitter is where I go to be heard and more importantly, help others to find their voices as well.

Unlike any other medium, Twitter is the in-your-face and no escaping platform for people all over the globe to be heard.  I am blessed to now have Followers and many friends all over the globe in my own mini United Nations of Twitter.  This to me as a writer is beautiful.  As a person, it has literally changed my life.  Before I was logged into Twitter, I was living a largely solitary existence.  My friends and colleagues are on the West Coast and here am I, in the hinterlands of the Pine Tree State of Maine.  How I got here and why I’m still captive here, is another story,  but suffice it to say that Twitter and those who are members of The Fey Queen’s “Clan” came into my life at one of its darkest moments, and the light that we have shared together has given me hope.

What I have discovered in a little over four months — and I might add, to my great surprise — is that mostly, people are good.  They are interested in each other and the future of this tiny space we call home.  They share universal hopes, dreams, annoyances, joys, heartaches and especially compassion.  In many ways, they have shown me more unconditional love than even my family and friends.  I guess you could say that Twitter is the equivalent of a SM canine , or man’s best friend.  I know for a fact that it has become my BFF and I have been blessed to make some really amazing friends through it.  This is something expressed by various peeps on a daily basis and I think it reflects that Twitter is the perfect balance between intimacy and anonymity.  One of my Twitter BFFs recently said it well:  “tough skin here …sometimes people just need to vent with no questions asked just acceptance and understanding.”  That is the essence of Twitter.  It’s the village square of yore come home to today’s internet.

Like many others, I believe and more importantly sense, that mankind is potentially facing either our gravest or our greatest moment.  I can’t necessarily predict what’s coming (although, I have a pretty clear idea), but I can tell you this, whatever is approaching will first find its voice on the most progressive SM platform of our time, Twitter.  Hopefully, I’ll see you there.


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55 thoughts on “WHY TWITTER, WHY NOW?

  1. Hi Sidney! I’m I the first to subscribe to your blog? You should put an RSS feed button on it – I figured it out without that but some people aren’t so smart 😉

    I feel the same way about twitter.


  2. Hello~ I’m pretty sure that every sane person out there shares your sentiment regarding Social Media. Thank you for writing this lovely post. Your dedication for peace makes everyone around you feel loved. Love~

  3. Sydney, You really capture what its all about here lady! Thanks for giving Twitter its due applause! Love Ya!

    • Thank you for that, Stacie, and thank you also for being a big part of why I love Twitter so much. You have been with me since almost the beginning and daily I am grateful for your continued support and cherished friendship! #FaerieHugs

  4. That was great Sidney I tweeted Brad Wyman Charlie’s tweeter and Charlie Sheen just in case someone else is doing it now actually I will tweet it to his brother Emilio too! Keep up good work. I was the same with twitter and Fb before this year my daughter got me on when she went to Cuba I had no choice now am addicted as well. Love the people like you on here Thanks 😀

    • Suzie!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG, that was EPICLY (my word) nice of you!!!!!!!!!!!! Massive attack of #FaerieKisses #FaerieDustings #FaerieLove and as you already know…we are #FaerieFriendsForever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Love the blog Sidney! Awesome layout. How funny, we both came to Twitter because of Charlie Sheen. I initially set up my account a few years ago for work purposes, but did not know much about it and did not use it. However, when Charlie Sheen joined, I got back on here out of curiosity. I agree with your comments on him too. But, sadly, that is the price one often pays for stardom. Since I have gotten back on here and learned to use it, I have also found some amazing, helpful, loving people on here. Keep up the great work!!!

    • That is really interesting! Like they say, great minds… Well, all I can say is that I am tickled pink that you did and that we met. I’ll do my level best. Thank you so much for your encouragement. #FaerieHugs

  6. Hi there, I didn’t know the reason why you came to Twitter in the first place but it was interesting to find out. I joined initially to communicate with other bloggers but I have so many other reasons to enjoy using it now. I’ve only had one ‘bad’ experience on Twitter since I joined and that was pretty tame really. It’s people like yourself that make Twitter a fun and interesting place to be. Really enjoyed your post. x

    • I know what you mean, I think to myself each day that it’s more like a bloggers convention than anything else. That’s one of the things that I love about it, the marvelous community of writers. As for the not so happy moments, I agree that there are lots of fascinating people who far outweigh the few bad apples. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend and loyal Follower. 🙂

  7. Hi Sidney. I loved your post and agree with you 100%. Excellently written and spot on. While there are people on Twitter who are predators and just plain irritating, there are many more wonderful people, people just like us who just want to connect in a meaningful way. Some want to just chat, others want to share about their careers, art, writing, or anything that they love. I’ve met some amazing people on Twitter and I’m very happy I signed up. Thanks for the great post. Cheers. Dean Lappi

    • Thank you, Dean. Thank God for people like you and for Twitter so we could meet. I’m sure we’ll be friends for a long time, at least I hope so! Thank you for being so generous with your time as well as your accolades. All the Best, Sidney

  8. Hi Sidney –

    I’ve been discovering Twitter this past month as a much better method than FaceBook for connecting with new people in hopes of long-term friendships. I realize I am far behind everyone else as I don’t understand much or the proper way to utilize this platform. I’ve been told I do a lot of things wrongly by others whom DM or Tweet me, lol. Maybe the right way is my way so what ever works, no! I’m a Twitter fan for life. 🙂

    • LMAO. You know I’m not going to disagree with how you described yourself, but…I’ve got to hand it to you. You mean well! And I, for one, am glad you’re here! Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  9. It’s an excellent communication tool… but I consider that the Internet in general is an excellent communication tool and, as long as two people communicating are honest, then it’s just as valid as any other form of communication, including speaking face to face (where there are often physical ‘barriers’ at play, which tend not to be active in online chat).

    On the issue of the subject I write a lot about, It’s playing a huge part in the gathering of awakened souls… perhaps these awakenings have always been happening, but there was no way to communicate on such a scale before, and therefore never such an easier way to connect with others.

    The Internet and Twitter is PART of our evolution… we changed when we learnt to make fire, built the wheel, began living in caves, in communities… and we’re changing now.

    This is mass consciousness… and if you look at the support for people in Iran, Egypt and so many other places in the past few years, you’ll see one common theme… that the rest of the world cares and wants to help.

    Norway… still reeling… there is so much love and concern being sent out, from all across the planet.

    Yes, there is still a lot of hate, judgement and petty, petty bickering, but we can change that, and we can change the world.

    • That is what I love about it too. Twitter is fast becoming the global village and an important — if not the most crucial — platform for reform and progressive thinking. It will be exciting to see how it transforms society and hopefully, brings focus on area’s that need radical reform. Thank you for being an important voice as well as a cherished friend.

  10. A very nice post, Sidney. I’m always surprised to find people’s other sides than what is normally displayed for public. This is just another side of your wonderful personality, I think. And I can’t help but agree with you on SM trend. Thanks for sharing this post with us. I’m really glad that we met.

    • Dear Su,

      I know what you mean when you refer to our public versus private sides and I couldn’t agree more. I think it is one of the fascinating aspects of Twitter and also blogging. Won’t it be intriguing to see what develops in SM in the unforeseen future? I can’t wait! Everything you have said about me, I reflect back to you. What a blessing it was the day you Followed me and we began our online friendship which has developed into a real life friendship offline as well. You are now one of my most valued friends and I too, am glad we met.

  11. I’m so glad to see you here! You’re such a great writer! Thanks for being such a wonderful twitter friend, too!
    I thought I was the last holdout for FB, I lived fairly hidden until I finally signed up (and I’m still most days convinced it is the devil).
    Twitter, on the other hand, has been a really pleasant experience for me.
    Love you and your blog, Fey Queen!

    • Well, girl, all I can say is I was truly blessed the day we met. FB would have to pay me at least a million dollars to sign up and then I’d take most of the money and donate it to Sea Shepherd and children’s relief efforts in Somalia. As you know, my Twitter experience has been challenging (hacked hacked and hacked somemore), but I wouldn’t give it up for ANYTHING. One day, I may need to sign into Twitter Rehab, but until then, they’ll have to cut off my fingers to shut me up! Love you even more than you know! XOXOXO!!!!!!!

  12. Wow! I just read your new WP entry! To say it’s really well written, real, and harrowing is a true understatement! Really good work!

    Fran aka Elysium Designs

  13. Well, last night I read backward from your newest post to this first post, and loved it. Even reading it out of order, it still packs a wallop. I tried to comment several times along the way, and my iPad just wasn’t cooperating. Every time I find a jewel like this blog, it makes me glad: 1) I follow good people on Twitter because: 2) they always RT the good stuff. I know when I click on a link, it’ll be good. And this was. Wishing you luck in your endeavors, and success. It’ll be interesting to follow along voyeuristically. 😀

    (I use FB for the family connection, but glad I do, because Twitter wouldn’t let me log in to comment today. Always good to have a backup plan in my humble opinion.) 😀

    • Dear Cathy: I am truly honored by your kind comments. It is gratifying to know that someone cared enough to read — In one seating, no less! — every posting on my site. I’m so sorry that you experienced difficulties attempting to leave comments. This is the first time I’ve heard that, and I can assure you that I will let Word Press know. I am going to Twitter post haste to return the follow. It’s lovely to meet you. 🙂

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    • Yes, while in edit mode, check at the bottom of the page. WordPress will make some suggestions; I would recommend selecting all. Happy to help. Any further queries about this, check the help page.

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  17. After I originally commented I seem to have clicked the
    -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and now
    whenever a comment is added I receive four
    emails with the same comment. There has to be a means you are able to remove me from that service?
    Appreciate it!

    • I wish I could, but since you are the one who subscribed to comments, it is you who must unfollow from them. This is easy to do, however. The next comment you receive, look at the bottom of the email. There you will see unsubscribe from comments. The next time you comment, be sure you don’t repeat your original mistake and check a box indicating that you want to receive the follow up comments by email. All sites are configured this way, so it’s not just mine, F.Y.I. Peace!

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    • Good grief, thank you! Pretty high praise! No, I’m not an expert at Twitter, but I have a good understanding about how it works. Of course, I welcome new subscribers! My thanks to you for your kind comments.

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