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Sample NH License Plate

I’ve always loved New Hampshire because the license plates in their fair neck of the woods all read:  LIVE FREE OR DIE.  When I was growing up in Massachusetts, I would frequently ask my parents why didn’t our plates say the same thing?  Their answers never satisfied me.  It seemed to me that every state in the Union should say the same thing, especially if the slogan perfectly describes the true meaning of Democracy.  I still think this is a good idea.  I suspect that the States is unique in there being no national identity for license plates.  It would be interesting to do some research on this, but not tonight.

Tonight I want to address you directly.  Yes, YOU.  I want to propel you into action because the world needs you.  It doesn’t take a pundit, politician, spiritual leader, or celebrity to save this precious planet we call home, it takes you.  You and the other 6,968,690,931+ others that are out there together can make this world the Eden that it is meant to be.  We are at a critical juncture in history.  In fact, I believe we are THE MOST CRITICAL JUNCTURE IN HUMAN HISTORY.

I also believe that we are living in what is potentially the most exciting time for mankind, but it’s going to require active participation by all, not just a few.  Up until this point in mankind’s history, it has been the individual who largely affected change.  We call them leaders.  Some of these leaders have done great good for our planet and our species.  Regardless of your personal belief, no one could argue that Gandhi left anything but a positive imprint on human history.  In stark contrast, we have Hitler who, though verifiably mad, was able to wreak worldwide havoc and destruction.  Obviously, there are many others whose visions have shaped history, Martin Luther King and Pol Pot being more contemporary examples.  In each of these instances, it was the personal power these individuals held that motivated the masses to their cause.  Each of these leaders were charismatic orators, you could say that they were the original motivational speakers.

Pay careful attention to what I am about to say.

You no longer have the luxury of waiting for another Dr. King to motivate the people.  YOU must be the people’s voice.  YOU must call people to action.  YOU must incite the change you want to see in the world.  Do not for a minute think that this is beyond your abilities, that is not only not true, it is dangerous thinking.  We ALL must acknowledge and take responsibility for the state that the world is currently in.  If you want to pass the blame to someone else, another country, political party, or whatever, go ahead, it won’t change things.  In our complacency, we have allowed The Elite, better known in our house as The Assholes, to enslave us.  Do not for a minute think that you are not part of the problem, because you and I both are, especially those of us in the Global North.

We have happily skipped down the path that has led us into personal debt that would have astounded our ancestors.  No longer is one job sufficient, most of us are working two and three jobs.  It is common practice for families to have multiple mortgages on their homes.  All of this to satisfy the need for more and more useless stuff that The Assholes and their media have convinced us that we need.  If you think that you’re not part of the problem, you’ll never be part of the solution and that my friend, simply is no longer an option!  We, your fellow humans, need YOU.  Unless you want to be part of the one percent that is ENSLAVING humanity, YOU must stand up for the 99 percent that is literally fighting for your life and freedom.  YOU must get involved in the Occupy Together movement.

Art by: ljensenconsumer

Go there >><&lt; as soon as you finish reading and hopefully commenting on this blog.

Sign petitions, call your friends, neighbors, co-workers, anyone and get them to do the same.  If you happen to have some money lying around, donate it to Occupy Together and it will be used to keep things going at the protest sites.  If you don’t have convenient access to the internet or a phone, go door to door, make friends with your neighbors, get them excited about the movement.  I don’t care how you get the word out, be like Nike and JUST DO IT.

If  you do have access to email, send the Occupy Together (OT) link to everyone you know, ask them to do the same.  If you’re on Facebook or Twitter, start talking about it to your friends and followers.  When you see someone sending out a tweet about the protests, retweet it.

Occupy Together also has FREE posters that can be downloaded.  Put them up in public buildings like libraries, hospitals, municipal buildings.  It is your RIGHT to do this here in the U.S.  Don’t let anyone stop you.

OT also has made it really easy to hook up with other people in your area to get organized for protests.  If no one else is doing this, YOU be the one to start the movement in your area.  Don’t wait for someone else to do this.  It’s YOUR responsibility.  We all are counting on YOU.  Also support musicians and artists that are supporting the movement.  Buy their work.  Call into your local radio stations and ask that they play musicians who are vocal in their support of OT.

While you are on my blog site, I also would urge you to hit the button to the right of my posts and  with NO COST TO YOU donate to The Censorship Research Center for Haystack.  This organization is protecting your rights for Freedom of Speech.  As we have seen throughout history, the first thing The Assholes do is stifle our ability to communicate with each other through the speech, writing, art and music.  This is already happening to the Occupy Together movement as witnessed in the recent communications black out in areas of Manhattan last week.

There are two more points I would like to make:

The first being:  DO NOT LET THE ASSHOLES SCARE YOU.  They are very adept at this.  They want you to believe that they know better than you do what’s good for you and for our world.  They do not.  They are not superior to you.  They are not super humans.  They eat, urinate and defecate just like you do.  When cut, they bleed.  They are just like us with one big difference…GREED and POWER is their ONLY motivation.  They do not care about anything, nor anyone else.  They may appear to, but don’t let this fool you, they do not.  They have bought into the lie of scarcity.  They truly believe that there is not enough to go around.  It’s a lie, there is plenty for all of us as long as we share!

Photograph by: sunsetparker

The second point I want to make is this:  FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION.  Without your active participation — your activism — things will NOT stay the same.  They will get much, much worse.  Mark my words.  If you think things are bad now, you are sadly misinformed.  Things can, and will, deteriorate.  There will be worldwide pandemonium and violence, it will not be pretty.  If you think I am exaggerating, you are wrong.

“Live free or die: Death is not the worst of evils.

General John Stark on July 31, 1809

Photograph by: hunter.gatherer

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20 thoughts on “LIVE FREE OR DIE

  1. Syd my dearest. You have done it again. Wonderful read. It’s so good to see another writer addressing social issues. Unfortunately the 99% does not want to be awaken. They want to pretend that everything is fine. It’s sad. Truly sad the way our society thinks. There aren’t enough people who care. But it all starts w/you. Inspire people the way you can. The way I plan on changing the world n making them care is through my work. Do what you can however you can! There isn’t a blueprint so do what you can. Thanks for sharing. Ttys hun!

    • Bless you, dear Nai’lah. Well, I feel it is my responsibility as an artist to shine the light so to speak. For people like us, there is no choice, we must speak. I agree, people are playing ostrich. At times, I want to yank them and scream: “Wake the fuck up! They are slowing killing you!” Thankfully, my upbringing curbs these impulses. I’m not surprised to learn that you and I are kindred spirits this way. I will continue to be a beacon of truth for as long as I breathe, and I’m willing to go to jail, or death for it. I will NEVER give up. I love humanity and this beautiful world too much. Love you.

  2. I love this post and I will post my thoughts on the subject tomorrow. Thank you for having the courage to stand behind your beliefs.

    It is time for writers/artists to oppose the greed of the few and support the many with their art.

    • Steve: Thank you for not only taking the time to read this post, but to comment as well. I am very touched as well by your comments on Twitter publicly praising what I have said here. This is going to be the first in a series of articles addressing what I see as the key issues that need to be brought to the public’s attention. Hopefully, they will have the affect of awakening those who still sleep or turn away from the truth. Bright blessings to you.

  3. What a thoughtful and thought-provoking post. As always, your words come through in the most sincere way regardless of the subject. I wish more people would put time and effort in choosing what they write about as much as you do. I’m rather tired of reading those meaningless, mundane diaries that obviously took no more than 10 minutes to write. And the endless plugging of those blogs… They are like the empty calories for the mind while your blog is like the vitamins for the brain. ^.^

    • Ah, Su: That is water for my soul. Thank you for capturing my intention so beautifully. I really do consider it my solemn duty to not only write concisely and hopefully, in a pleasing fashion, but to say something of importance. I too, have been guilty of writing a few less than important blog posts in an effort to draw folks into my world. Now, however, the time has come for me to share my deeper concerns and musings. It is my hope that some will be inspired. God bless you for your kind words as well as our friendship.

  4. Sidney,

    I love this post. I feel the same way – enough is enough. A few weekends ago, I showed up at the occupy wall street protest.

    It was the first time in close to 20 years that I wore my campaign & combat medals along with a cap that denotes my membership in a veteran’s organization. I did so to help counter any stereotypes perpetuated in the mainstream media of the “dirty hippie”

    I believe we are at a point in history were we cannot remain neutral and we must take a stand to prevent the further slide into a future where we become serfs. I fought for my country once and I am doing so again.

    • Dear Eduardo: Firstly, Bless you for serving in our country’s armed services. My family too has a long lineage of protecting our fair land, it’s citizens, and the vulnerable beyond our borders. I have not been able to travel to any of the protests YET, because I am without wheels and live in a remote rural environment here in Maine. I am there every day in love and spirit and I am organizing here in our area as well. As I have said many times before this, I love the United States and I believe that democracy is worth dying for. God forbid it should come to that, but if it does, I will go down fighting along beside my brothers and sisters united for Peace, Equality, Happiness and Shared Abundance. The time for Camelot is NOW. Thank you for also being such a beautiful friend on Twitter. Peace and love to you and yours.

  5. I’m writing again:)) I really like it. Thank you for sharing with me.. Today all across the world everybody, who campaigns for freedom, are supporting each other.

    • Thank you and as I said in the piece, I truly feel that I must. Yes, it is that spirit of brotherhood that will shift the global energy. Your input is most appreciated; thank you for reading and commenting.

  6. Thank you for having the guts to speak and print the truth. It starts with us. All of us. Your bring to the surface a delicate subject in such a delightful, thought provoking, truthful, genuine manner while injecting humor. This shows your gift as a writer and your intelligence as a human being on this earth. Your blog is a wonderful read and I look forward to your musings. Keep it going and don’t ever stop!

    • Gina, Thank you for reading and commenting. I honestly don’t think I have the luxury of standing idly by any longer while our rights are being stripped from us one by one. To be honest, I am kind of surprised that more people are not doing the same thing, but I am happy to report that my article has influenced others to become involved. Yay! As you know, this is the first in a series of articles and honestly, I’ll probably keep writing them until things shift for the better. Peace!

    • That pleases me very much, because as you know, I admire your site and writing very much as well. As for the passion that I write with, I honestly feel compelled to do so. Every day that passes I see the complacency in the masses, and I know that there is no time to waste. I think you’ll be really interested in the upcoming articles I plan to write. For right now, I am focused on this, so I am running with it. Thank you for reading and caring enough to share your thoughts.

    • Your comment means a lot to me, thank you for taking the time out of what I’m sure is a busy day. Does anyone have anything but hectic days in the 21st Century? Your comment about credit cards rings true with me, and I suspect many others. I agree, but I also see a danger in the 99% falling into the trap of looking for “leaders” to be the people’s voice. I have more to say about this in an upcoming article. Thank you for caring and sharing.

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