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A note of explanation to those of you who are new visitors to my site:  This is an “entertainment” blog, but given what’s going on in the world right now, I have some things to say that I believe are relevant for everyone.

Increasingly, the Occupy Wall Street Movement has come under attack.  Perhaps the most disturbing cases of this are here in the “United States of America“.  Yes, the quotation marks are intentional.  With the passing of Bill – S.1867 (see the References listed at the end of this article), we are no longer the country as envisioned by our forefathers.  We now live in the United States of Fascism.  If you’re tempted to stop reading, I implore you to continue on.

Also, increasing, are the dismissive comments by public figures and the media about the Movement and the protestors.  No matter how insulting these remarks are, they disturb me far less than the videos of the police dousing an 84-year old woman with pepper spray; seated and unarmed protestors essentially hosed down with pepper spray; protestors beat with night sticks; protestors personal belongings thrown out and violently destroyed by the police; verbally abusive tirades hurled at the protestors by public officials and the police.  By now video clips of these have spread as fast as the pepper spray across the net and have gone viral.  You can almost hear The Assholes in their steel-girded towers shaking their heads and saying: “What’s gone wrong?  Why are they so angry at us?  Why are they blaming us for everything?”  And, as much as I hate to admit it, I can see their point of view.

All of us…Yes, that includes me….All of us have created a monster, and it’s not at all like the sleek vampires gliding across the screen in the “Twilight” franchise…

Robert Pattinson and Kristin Stewart of “Twilight”

…It’s more akin to the Gollum who will be lurking in the depths of “The Hobbit”.  This monster is what I named a couple of  blogs back as “The Culture of Consumption”.


Yes, The Assholes have manipulated the media to ensnare us in their Culture of Consumption, but up until the financial crisis in 2008, most of us in the “developed” world were willing participants.  To my knowledge, no one held a gun to anyone’s head and forced them to over extend themselves with easy credit.  Yes, The Assholes went out of their way to trap us, but we still had a choice.

Snap forward 30-plus years and here we all are.  For the first time ever, our lives are going to be worse than our parents and grandparents.  Our children are graduating college with no jobs to pay for their student loans.  Social services and food banks across the country are struggling to keep up with unprecedented demand.

What to do about this?  That’s easy to know, but a tough road to take.  Shred your credit cards, same goes for the debit card, gasoline credit cards, all plastic.  If you feel you simply must have some available credit, then keep just one card, with say a $5,000 limit and here is what you do with it.  Take a Ziploc freezer bag, put the card in it and fill the bag two-thirds with water.  Zip it up and stick it in the freezer.  Will this stop you from an impulse buying spree the next time you hear about a sale at Barney’s?  Maybe not, but I can assure you that the very act of thawing out the card will give pause to the impulse.

Why should we opt out of the Culture of Consumption?  Because we really don’t NEED all of the stuff that The Assholes are indoctrinating us into buying.  For generations, people were more interested in people and relationships than things, and from where I see it, life was not only less expensive as a result, but also more enjoyable and real.  People used to spend their time with friends, family and getting to know them on a meaningful basis.  Neighbors knew and cared about their neighbors because they weren’t spending all of their free time in consumer mode at home with online shopping, or at the mall, mindlessly purchasing things they really don’t need.

The real reason why you need quit the Culture of Consumption is that it is a drug, akin to an aphrodisiac.  It keeps you out of the present and always focused on the future.  Instead of living in the here and now, you are in a constant state of Want.  You just bought a new iPhone and yet, you’re anxiously awaiting the next model, which The Assholes are going to convince you that you simply MUST have.  It will never end.  There will always be something bigger, better, shinier, prettier out there to lure us into a False Sense of Security.

It is obvious to me that The Assholes have used the Culture of Consumption as the first stage of brainwashing.  The next will be the State of Euphoria which is needed to lull the population into compliance, which I will discuss in my next article in this series.

If you think that as an artist, you don’t need to worry about what The Assholes are up to, think again.  Right now, day by day, our Right to express our thoughts are slowly being chipped away.  It all started with Political Correctness, up until that, if you said something and people disagreed with you, or thought it was inappropriate, all that would happen is at worst, you would be a pariah.  Now, you can literally be silenced by imprisonment.  What’s going to be next?  Execution for dissidents?  Don’t smirk.  It’s not an outrageous progression if you really think about it.  I recommend you do.






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  1. I agree with so much of this, Sidney, and I’m not arguing with you about the ‘Assholes’ reference, but for any solution to work, it has to include these people… and we are all essentially the same people.

    I think, with the inevitable global financial meltdown, the powers-that-be may well decide that the most useful distraction is a semi-global conventional war, and the only way we’ll stop that is by uniting and shouting down our respective governments until they realise we won’t let them do that.

    Things have to change, and we really do have to be that change we want to see in the world…

  2. No surprise there, Les. You are a contemplative man, it’s what I like about you. Agreed. We are all part of the problem, and therefore, every one of us must include ourselves in the solution.

    Again agreed. Conventional warfare, especially in an election year is uber sexy for The Assholes. If we are vigilant about our Personal Rights and Innate Freedoms, their Grand Plan will have an epic FAIL.

    So cool that you cited the quote that I was using for the last two weeks of 2011 #2011 #BeTheChangeYouWantToSee!

  3. Happy New Year my dear 🙂

    As you know I have no credit cards anyway, I saw the writing on the wall a long time ago and your right, easy credit, greed etc got a lot of people in this mess in the first place, but it was orchestrated to be that way for this very reason, it brings far greater control over people when you control their income via Social Security etc…

    But having said that – things happen for a reason and maybe mankind needs to go through this in order to shake us out of the coma most people live in.. the last 2 rotten years have taught me that you have control over nothing and what will be will be… just as the Lotus grows through the darkness and stench of the bottom of the pool, it later becomes a beautiful bloom because of where it has come from and what it has been through… and on that note, this half opened Lotus is signing off 🙂 x

    • Hi, love! Happy New Year to you as well. I’ve missed our talks. As soon as I move, let’s Skype and get caught up.

      No, I didn’t know that about you, but it doesn’t surprise me one bit. Curious about your thoughts on debit/credit cards. The kind that act in place of conventional credit cards, but the money is immediately deducted from one’s checking account. My sis thinks they are just as dangerous.

      Well, this is where we are going to disagree. I don’t think all things happen for necessarily good reasons. I also don’t think that Planet Earth can withstand the path of industrialization we are currently on. The Assholes have bet the bank that it can. This is their lunatic reasoning, and it is not based in scientific fact. It’s my belief that they over estimated Earth’s ability to repair itself. Now, in a frantic attempt to not self destruct, they are going to take drastic measures to stave off total ruination. More to come…

      • Hiya

        Yes we must catch up – so much to say!

        On the other note, I have a debit card. It is no different to cash, if you have the money you can use the card, if you don’t it won’t let you, unlike a credit card that will happily let you purchase above your means… and in the neighbourhood I live, you don’t carry cash – ever… in fact, the less you have the better…

      • Hi, kiddo: I know, right? I’m so sorry that I didn’t get to properly wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. I had no clue that you had completely given up on Twitter. Was shocked when I realized that you had. Anyway, we’ll get all caught up in February after I’m settled into my new life. I’ll send you an EM when I land. Yeah, I use debit/Viza too for the same reason.

  4. Love the tone of this. I know some are put off by the aggressiveness, but honestly, the assholes will jam their greed down our throats—-we need to fight back. the people who see the truth can’t remain silent.

    thank you for continuing the fight.

    • Thanks, Steve. Yeah, I know, but honestly, I don’t give a shit. If people are offended by my tone, they can continue sleeping right through their enslavement and pending extermination. I’m glad you recognize that this is a fight for which white gloves and namby prose won’t do. Thank you for joining the voices on line who are carrying mankind’s torch.

  5. Hey, Dimitri: First off, thanks for spending some of your time here, and for leaving a comment. I love it when writers are into community. To answer your question, it’s been an organic process. It started with the realization that more isn’t necessarily better. Then, the observation that spending — especially extravagantly — can be highly addictive. Historically, things have changed a lot in my lifetime. It used to be that firms and the people behind them valued longevity. Now, products are manufactured to be expendable. Corporations are often afforded the same rights as individuals. Advertising has even permeated our spiritual/religious institutions. It all is intricately linked. For me, the imbalance is obvious. I hope you’ll also check out the previous two articles for more to think about.

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