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Image:  ACLU

Image: ACLU

If you live in the United States I urge you to call the White House today before 5PM/EST (or tomorrow morning ASAP) to demand that our Chief Executive makes good on his promise to veto the Cyber Intelligence and Sharing and Protection Act better known as CISPA, which The Assholes (see my previous articles) resurrected from the dead and is now CISPA 2.0.  In 2012 they introduced the bill along with the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act or (PIPA).  We defeated these bills last year because of the public outcry led by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Demand Progress, formerly helmed by the late poster child for Freedom of Information, Aaron Swartz.
Why should you care?  If they pass this Act, any and all of your online activity and presence would now fall in the public domain, with no private protections.  Meaning, that the information could be shared — without your permission nor knowledge — with local, State and Federal law enforcement.  You would not be given any notice of this, nor allowed Due Process of Law, nor allowed to give your consent.  All of your privacy rights would be invaded.

If you think that this could never happen to you, think again…Look at what happened to Aaron Swartz.  Mr. Swartz’s “crimes” were that — as a JOURNALIST — he was doing RESEARCH at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).  At the time of his death, he was facing 35 years in prison and One Million Dollars in fines, along with his assets being seized, etc.

Why did our Government throw the proverbial book at Mr. Swartz?  Because he was a threat to Homeland Security’s Indoctrination of Terror and Submission (my phrasing) against the American people.  In other words, they didn’t like what he was saying about how our Government is either flagrantly or surreptitiously circumventing our rights.

This is why The Assholes want this Law passed.  This Law allows DOHS to demand that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) fork over your account’s information and history.  There will be no Due Cause.  No Warrant.  NOTHING. DOHS can incarcerate you  INDEFINITELY.

Got it?  Great.  Now call the White House (202-456-1111) and give them your two cents worth!

While you’re at it, sign this petition ➤

Before you dash off, let me know what you’re thinking.  Comments are part of the conversation, and communicating is what I’m all about 😀






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