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Google Authenticator Snafu

Let me open by stating that Google Authenticator does a really good job of managing your site’s privacy and content protection.  The problem is that it does too good of a job.



For several weeks, I was locked out of my WordPress accounts as a result of having a new laptop.  No one’s sure how it happened, but when I wanted to sync the iPhone with the new MacBook Pro, it dropped the Google Authenticator app.

The fact that I have more than one WordPress account contributed to the conundrum.  Upgrades are de rigueur for WordPress.  Without them, you’ll have a hell of a time hunting down Customer Support.  It took double digit hours before I finally tracked down someone who could directly contact Support.

This is a vault.  See the resemblance? Image:

See the resemblance?

As an aside, I would like to formally thank Danny Archer of MosialSedia.  You can find him here:  I found Danny in an online forum and he was great!  He contacted WordPress for me and that got things moving. Thanks to a couple of WordPress  “Happiness Engineers” I am now back in business.  However, even with their assistance, it was almost two weeks for me to regain access.

The lesson I’ve taken from this is that the devil really is in the details.  If, like me, you are support staff challenged (meaning, you don’t have any), it’s advisable to develop a system to keep track of sensitive information.  How you do that is your choice.  I have chosen several methods, high and low tech.  Some suggestions offered online are:

1) Back up codes to a snap drive or external hard drive.

2) Print  the Google Authenticator bar code and back up codes, and store them in a safe place. You can also take a picture of the bar code and store it on your phone.

3) Back up all your articles; various options are snap drive, disc, iCloud, or an external hard drive.

4) As an added precaution, print out copies of all your works published on the internet.  In the case of a unilateral system fail, they’ll be preserved.

I wish I could say that this is an isolated incident, but do a Google search yourself, and you’ll see that I’m not alone.  Do I think this is a design flaw of Authenticator?  You bet I do!

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