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Review: “The Fat Lady Sang” by Robert Evans

Iconic film producer Robert Evans is no slouch when it comes to dramatic structure.  It’s inherent in all of his projects: “Chinatown”, “The Godfather”, “Rosemary’s Baby“, “Marathon Man”, “Harold and Maude”, “The Odd Couple” to name a few of my favorites.  His latest memoir “The Fat Lady Sang” opens with probably the most dramatic moment of his life, the … Continue reading

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What To Look For In A Manager

On any given day, there is a story about issues between managers and their clients gone awry.  How then do you find a manager that you can trust?  While there is no guarantee that a manager/client relationship will flourish, there are some basics that you should look for. CLUE NUMBER I Client Roster.  A manager’s client roster … Continue reading

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“GURUNISTA GAYHLE” delivers everything a fun, short, comedic film should.  It’s original, funny, well written, craftily acted, deftly directed, and serves as a succinct showcase of the filmmakers’ considerable talents.  Indy filmmaker, Keith Apland and actress Diane Hudock developed and cowrote the original screenplay. The 9:08 minute film is an entertaining satire drawn from Ms. Hudock’s “day job” as a … Continue reading

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Narcissists, let’s face it, are really annoying people.  For instance, have you ever known someone who perpetually interrupts during conversations, is frequently late for appointments, doesn’t return phone calls/emails, and always expects you to pick up the tab?  Now, if you told that person that they were a Narcissist, they would probably either laugh and … Continue reading

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  What is one thing you can do to self sabotage yourself in the Entertainment Industry?  Be negative. Whining is pervasive in the business.  Actors bitch about their agents and managers, who in turn, bitch about their clients and the competition.  Writers bitch about producers, who like to complain about just about everything (it is … Continue reading