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Karma is a popular word in showbiz.  The whole idea of karma has a cool factor, and here in the U.S. of A., cool is king in the entertainment industry.  The problem is that often people underestimate its reality.  Take the following story for instance. Once upon a time, I had a roommate in LA … Continue reading

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The Five W’s of Social Media For Writers

Writers need a social media presence.  No one would argue with that.  The question is how much, where, when and with whom do you interact?  It’s kind of like the five W’s of Journalism. Who is it about? What happened? When did it take place? Where did it take place? Why did it happen? Actually, WHY NOT apply the five W’s to social media? … Continue reading



I was in the midst of polishing an article about something that I wanted artists to give substantive thought to and the Newtown, Connecticut massacre happened.  In a terrible flash of time,  a 20-year old, stormed into the Sandy Hook Elementary School and slaughtered 20 children. At the end of the shooting, 26 innocent people … Continue reading



Autumn brings a quiet peace here in New England as we prepare for the long night of winter.  Most of the migratory birds have flocked to the southern hemisphere.  Black bears have hopefully found enough forage to last the coming four or five months.  Foxes who have spent the summer months teaching their kits how … Continue reading